Sunday, May 8, 2011


We had over 4 inches (100mm) of rain - the rain-gauge was overflowing, and it still raining.

the dilemma is that we need the rain, but the roof is leaking badly again.

We designed our own dream-house in the forest, thatched roof amongst old, indigenous trees, which my husband built  17 years ago. After 4 years the beautiful Natal Mahogany had provided so much shade that the thatch began to rot. the contractor who re-thatched the roof took our money and left halfway through the job with us staring at the sky from our lounge. After completion by a second contractor and much money later, the thatch lasted about 11 years. The time came for the upper layer to be combed and a thin outer layer of thatch to be laid on top.

A team of thatchers moved in, and by Christmas, unbeknown to us, in their hurry to complete the work in time to return home to Mpumalanga, did not tie the thatch down properly.

the end result is a roof which has a life of its own. When we have a heavy shower like we had last night, every container in the house comes out to contain the drips.

Curious juvenile Trumpeter Hornbills  on scaffolding outside the studio.

This one admires himself in the window.

Thatching in progress - looks good, doesn't it?!!!

How were we to know this would not last beyond the first shower of rain?
It certainly keep us humble and entertained.

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  1. I LOVE your house!! And the hornbills- soooo cute!!! Your swap paperback is going in the mail today- hope you enjoy it!!!!
    (I am a follower now ;>) )