Saturday, June 25, 2011

Winter Holidays

Holidays at last!!!

I am drinking a cup of tea and ignoring the boxes of books and other stuff that has to be carried up to the "studio". What was originally intended as an art studio above the guest room and garage has become a handy store room.

as Pierre and I both work we find it far more practical to have our studio on the mezzanine floor in the house.

We have created a lovely,cosy, space with radio, telephone, fax, computer, books, workspace, comfy couch all in one place. Easier to work here at night and just fall into bed when we're done.

Late afternoon sun on my favourite raeding spot

Monday, June 20, 2011

Irma Stern Museum

In December we visited the Irma Stern Museum in cape Town. It is housed in her old home which has been preserved intact. it is managed and curated by the University of cape Town. Irma Stern was a South African artist of German origin who was a pioneer in her field in South Africa. She spent some time in Europe and exhibited with the German Expressionists. She enjoyed greater appreciation in Europe and was initially rejected in S.A.

her works have recently sold for record prices in London.

Pierre and I in the living room. I love this angle taken by my son, David.

Next to "Swazi Warriors" - much larger than I expected.

Diningroom with crockery made by Clementina v.d. Wald, a S.A. potter. She was inspired by the art in the museum.

Irma Stern's studio

Stern travelled extensively and brought many carved panels home from Zanzibar. She used many as frames for her paintings. She framed, sold, packaged and posted her own work.