Saturday, February 12, 2011


A school stationery cupboard I painted.
My kitchen. - not really this dark, but I like the atmosphere

bottom bathroom

i walked around the house snapping evrything that didn't move. - so happy to have a camera again!

weekend wisdom

hi all

It is so wonderful to be home for a relaxing weekend. It has been hot beyond description this week - the humidity, of course makes it really bad. Our home is in the forest, so much cooler than school.

We also have the pool to hop into if things get bad.

Hubby, Pierre and I are having an exhibition of our work at Mafioso Restaurant in March. I should be painting instead of writing on my blog!

Oh, and I bought a camera. We were robbed while on holiday in cape Town in December  and our camera was stolen! The P.R. at school had an identical one she hardly ever used, so now I have it and I can take photos again!

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