Monday, July 3, 2017


In November 2016 hubby Pierre and I joined a group of fellow artists on the KZN South Coast to pool our creative resources and energy to grow our art.

For the past eight months we met once a month in a different home each time. We decided on the name, - Artworx, which illustrates the diversity of our group, Ages ranging from 24 to 72 give us a wonderful, wide perspective on the art world.

We have created a FB page,
(please follow and like) and working towards an exhibition in December 2017.

 Celeste vd Merwe discussing her work at our last meeting.

 Pierre at his favourite occupation - painting in our studio at home
 Pierre, Sharon and Gerhard relaxing before our meeting at Lynn's home.

One of my early portrait commissions for Derek Corns from Kimberley.

Welcome back

After a very long absence, I am back, hopefully to stay.

So much has happened in the past couple of years. New beginnings and endings. Much to do and see.

As always, my beautiful, sub-tropical garden is a constant source of joy and inspiration.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

School at Night/Night School

There must be few places which feel more deserted than a school building at night. I am sitting at my desk at 6.48 pm, waiting for my son to return from a hockey match. I had the crazy idea that i could get lots of work done while I wait, but it has turned out to be an exhausting excercise. I have been here since 7.30 am! The windows reflect the interioir of my classroom instead of revealing the seaview and trees outside. Fortunately I am no longer on the top floor of the main building where the Art rooms used to be. I did manage to compile the brief for the Grade 11 mid-year prac exam and assessed a couple of source books, chatted to my son in Cape Town on google-chat and caught up on some blogs.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Shweshwe

I love the way in which some of our local designers have incorporated Shweshwe in their designs.

Shweshwe I have not blogged for so long... Now that the weather is changing, and it is no longer so hot, I feel like gardening and sewing. This made me bring out the fabric and a lovely piece of Shweshwe with Nelson Mandela's image on the border. I have not decided what i want to use it for, but I am sure something will come to mind. i have been Googling some sites on Shweshwe and the DaGama one is the best so far.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Ideas

Pierre and I have been busy, busy lately. Strange how one's creative energy seems to come in waves and then subside for a while. i have learned to accept this as the natural way of things - so instead of fighting it and forcing the issue, I go with the flow - so to speak.

The weather is still really extreme - 30degrees (C) forecast for tomorrow and the humidity to go with it! At least it is cooler at home.

I have had this urge to paint a lot of canvases deep red .
After thinking about it, Rothko's Colour-field Pianting comes to mind.
red seems an odd colour to choose in this heat, but I just did it. 

I learned this trick from Rob Wareing at one of his painting workshops years ago. To avoid the stress of a white canvas, cover it with a colour wash and then work onto it. You can leave as much of the wash visible as you wish or cover it completely.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A new year with much promise

It has been a particularly wonderful time at home - this Christmas holiday. A real Indian Summer with lazy, sunny days at home.

David and Michelle became engaged which made it extra special. We also have a new grand-daughter, Abigail, and a new grandson due in two days' time. The family is growing and there are just more and more to love.

Ansa, my friend since 1985, paid us a surprise visit today too, and we chatted for hours. it was great to catch up. We also made lots of plans for the new year.