Saturday, April 2, 2011

Feb Paper swap

I love this card with pigeons

Metro ticket becomes African bus

NY Cubism in the making

My son, Pierre, could not resist making his hamster part of the procedure.

Look at all the fun I'm having with my new bits and pieces!

Paper swap bits

I have participated in three Paper Swaps so far and i am enjoying the experience immensely.

A clever lady - Lawendula- pairs up people from all over the world, and we send each other an envelope filled with bits and pieces to match the theme. On receiving the material you create mixed-media pieces.

January Paper swap

All these pieces were create from the January paper swap.

I bit the bullet and signed up for the whole year - a paper swap for every month! i am working at my tendency to procrastinate (I have just posted my envelopes for Feb and March!)

I received my envelopes from two ladies in the US last week (only slightly less tardy than I am) and i am loving working with their bits and pieces.