Saturday, September 4, 2010


from sister, Hilda's Lesotho trip

Pierre Jr 

Giant Plectranthus

My blue canoe

peace and quiet

Saturday afternoon - a particularly peaceful weekend. I have spent most of the time reading a mindless who-dunnit and clutching out.

I have planted some Barbeton Daisies in memory of my mom - her one claim to the garden largely my dad's domain.

                 Mom, Annatjie, as a newly-wed on our farm, Normandale,
 in the Southern Free State and Blackie, the dog.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


one of my collage/mixed-media pieces created for my friend, Sandy Schultz.
She wanted me to do something inspired by music.
The piece is made up of photocopied images and water colours. The skirt is created using a photocopy of a lace handerchief.

Corns portraits

home at last after a long day. We have had 6 mm of rain - the most we've had in four months! - desperately need more.

I have completed the last of three portraits commissioned by my brother-in-law, Derek. I am almost sad to part with them, but i need to move on.

"Oupa" Corns

Tommy Corns

Derek Corns

That's me saying goodbye

The next project is for myself. I want to do a portrait of each of my two sons.(watch this space)

More Moz

Men playing checkers in the bazaar at Ponto d'Oro

                                              Cell-phone repair shop

Pop Art

Political posters

more pics of Mozambique

Pierre and i trying to find out about the wonderful Portuguese music playing in this "pub"
The owner kept showing us hip-hop CD's so it was a futile

some more interesting stuff

                                              On a trip to Mozambique last October, I was fascinated
                                         with the colours and textures in the local market - Ponto d'Or

I love textiles and discovered this beautiful image of African textiles the other day.

 We have the most wonderful shop in town called "Favourite Bazaars" - the original shop is best as it has an endless array of "Shweshwe" fabric. This fabric is traditionally printed in indigo on cotton and is worn by African women in Southern Africa. Different designs and colours are worn in different areas. 


so here we go! my first ever blog.