Sunday, October 10, 2010

Karin Miller - collage-artist

I first came across Karin Miller's images while on holiday in Mozambique. Some of her collages (Photoshop) were used to illustrate recipe pages in a magazine. My favourite medium is collage and i was so inspired that I planned to make similar compositions of the food prepared by members of the family while on holiday. My three sisters and their families, my dad and sister's mom-in-law all had a turn to prepare a meal for the whole family. I took many photos of the food, but have yet to compile the works.

I love this one of P.W.Botha.
Most of her images have a strong local content and
 are a feast of visual symbols and clues.


"I wear my mask to keep warm"
In the October issue of DeKat there are the most wonderful collection of new works.
(have a good look at the spiral stars on the suit - JZ doing the "toy-Toy"!)
The ones at the top are antelope skulls and horns.

Find all her work on

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