Thursday, April 28, 2011

More art

These three collages were created using the papers i received for the February and March Paper Swap challenges.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the procedure - it is great fun - you fill an A4 sized envelope with papers related to the theme set for the month. Your paper swap partner (somewhere else on the globe) does the same and you mail them to one another. Once you receive the treasure trove, you create a mixed-media artwork using the papers received.

                  Mr Spock came from an art catalogue,
                  the rocket was made from a photo of a
                                 space craft with a tail of script from an old book.
                            The flower was from a German magazine ad
  (I couldn't resist that touch)
           It could be a starburst of course.

The children coming out of the "flower"
came from a Polish book on physical training for
schools and the background was the rest of the German ad.

This one was great fun. The boy, from the Polish exercise book reminded me of an aeroplane and matched up with the black and white image from the catalogue. The brown paper jet matched the flying theme. I matched the letter "C" found in various images and mounted it all on a map.

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