Saturday, September 10, 2011

To proceed or not to proceed

A less cheerful subject today.

I have been having trouble with my colon lately As a Cancer survivor, the alarm-bells tinkled a little. I went for a bank of tests which all came back negative.

Next step, I visited a Specialist surgeon yesterday. He was quite distracted, and told me what i already knew - that my radiation treatment would have caused tissue damage to my colon. I asked him why it would only surface now - 6 year later, to be told that that was quite common. Anyway - he said that he may as well do a colonoscopy to make sure that everything is O.K.

I then had to sign a document to give my permission for an emergency procedure should the colon be damaged during the procedure!

My gut (excuse the pun) tells me not to have this done!

I really feel that I should see a dietitian first and see if I can't improve matters with better eating habits.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Yarn Bomb

I think I will try my hand at this competition. I love to knit, but I hate actually knitting anything like a jersey or scarf etc. I fancy the idea of a creative piece of knitting someone else can use.

This covered chair is in the latest edition of IDEAS mag.

September is here

This is my absolutely favourite month of the year. Having grown up in the Southern Free State, I have always associated it with Spring Blossoms, newborn lambs and ... my birthday.

There is something in the air at this time of year which makes me want to be outdoors. We have two new puppies, which I think is most appropriate for Spring (new life)

-with my sisters in the Namaqualand daisies in front of our farmhouse