Wednesday, May 18, 2011

18 May - voting day

We went to the local voting station early, although we did not expect to stand in a long line to wait. We did not have far to go - we voted at St Stephens' Catholic Church Hall in Pumula. The local government elections have been more publicized and talked about than any election since 1994 as far as i can tell. I think so many people are just fed-up with bad service delivery and corruption, that people turned up in great numbers to vote.

The results tomorrow will be very interesting.

The up-side is a day at home.

We found two "Hooded fancy rats" for Pierre Jr. They are really surprisingly cute. i have a bit of a phobia of rats, and had to make a major mental shift to agree to their addition to the menagerie. They are more responsive to human company and can be trained to do all kinds of things - much like a dog.

Pierre has been stroking them and picking them up for short spells to get them used to him, and so-far-so-good.

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