Thursday, October 13, 2011

Exam packaged and sealed!

The prac exam is over - hard to believe that this group of pupils will never do any art in my classroom again.
I have been down this road no less than 20 times, but it always remains exciting to see the growth in my pupils' work over the three years they spend with me - some even four years if i have them in Grade 9.

Have a look at some of the work on the school FB page.(PSHS)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paper Play

The exam is continuing without a hitch, and I have completed all my admin. Now it is time to play.
I decorated my paper swap envelope(below) ready to be mailed to Orit Kahana in Israel with this beautiful portrait.

 I use my son's old school exercise books as collage books. I don't cover up all the contants as it sometimes works with the pictures and textures I use.

 I make photocopies of anything that has an interesting pattern or texture. For the cover I have used a photocopy of an embroidered doily which belonged to my late mom-in-law, "Gogo" (Grandmother in Zulu)

I have combined a line drawing by my youngest son, Pierre with a photo of me and my grand-daughter

My maternal grandfather, "Oupa" Japie Venter was a sheep farmer from Dortrecht in the Eastern Cape. He spoke fluent Xhosa and had a tremendous sense of humour, He also told wonderful stories, especially "Jackals en Wolf"

After retirement he and my "Ouma" Engela traveled the country in their VW Beetle, staying with their children and other relatives in turn. Oupa was a keen freshwater fisherman and we ate fish for breakfast every day on holiday at Nature's Valley when they accompanied us there. he caught fish in the Groot River (the Lagoon as we knew it)

"Ouma" did beautiful crochet work and collected small shells which she attached to the edges of doilies and tea-nets. She also travelled with a box of shells collected at the seaside and carefully washed - her personal treasure.

LaWendula: Tables, corners, shelfs, places of creativity

LaWendula: Tables, corners, shelfs, places of creativity: Parts of my home. Hope you enjoy to see what it looks like at LaWendula’s. January 2010 July 2010 August 2010 September 2010 ...

This wonderful woman has been my inspiration for 2011. She arranges the paper swaps which have been the most art fun I've ever had. Look at her blog and feast your eyes!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

prac exams (again)

Our Grade 12 Visual Arts and Design classes completed the first of three days of the National Senior Certificate prac exam today. It is always a relief when they are all present and get on with their work without too much panic. Their time-planning is so much better than during the trials prac exam and it is looking good.
Vis Arts