Wednesday, May 2, 2012

School at Night/Night School

There must be few places which feel more deserted than a school building at night. I am sitting at my desk at 6.48 pm, waiting for my son to return from a hockey match. I had the crazy idea that i could get lots of work done while I wait, but it has turned out to be an exhausting excercise. I have been here since 7.30 am! The windows reflect the interioir of my classroom instead of revealing the seaview and trees outside. Fortunately I am no longer on the top floor of the main building where the Art rooms used to be. I did manage to compile the brief for the Grade 11 mid-year prac exam and assessed a couple of source books, chatted to my son in Cape Town on google-chat and caught up on some blogs.

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  1. I remember waiting late with you or James in Mrs Taylors class on the top floor. Was very scary when you turned out the lights, such pitch darkness along those long halls. Was so eerie. Used to run down the stairs 4 at a time!