Saturday, September 10, 2011

To proceed or not to proceed

A less cheerful subject today.

I have been having trouble with my colon lately As a Cancer survivor, the alarm-bells tinkled a little. I went for a bank of tests which all came back negative.

Next step, I visited a Specialist surgeon yesterday. He was quite distracted, and told me what i already knew - that my radiation treatment would have caused tissue damage to my colon. I asked him why it would only surface now - 6 year later, to be told that that was quite common. Anyway - he said that he may as well do a colonoscopy to make sure that everything is O.K.

I then had to sign a document to give my permission for an emergency procedure should the colon be damaged during the procedure!

My gut (excuse the pun) tells me not to have this done!

I really feel that I should see a dietitian first and see if I can't improve matters with better eating habits.

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