Friday, March 4, 2011

weekend work

I am back in my classroom this morning (Sat.) as we have an open day. the community is invited to visit the school to view our facilities so my art room is uncommonly tidy. I don't do tidy as it doesn't last long and my pupils become decidedly uneasy if things are too ordered!

It is a beautiful, hot, humid day and i can see the boys on the cricket pitch and the Indian Ocean beyond. i must have the best classroom view in the world.

A friend and I run a group called STACA (Sheppie Teens Against Cancer and AIDS). Some of the members are at two shopping malls helping out with the CANSA Shavathon. She is out checking on them and I will go around later to see how they are.

I am so proud to be a part of Sheppie High today. Our ECL (Executive Council of Learners) are doing a sterling job of informing our visitors of the attractions of the school.

I also want to go and check on the exhibition at the SC Mall to see if everything is O.K.

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